Ritual Against Black Magic

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Ritual Against Black Magic

To begin on a Tuesday or Friday in the afternoon.

A bone colored image of the Santa Muerte
A white candle dedicated to the Santa Muerte
3 bolillitos (french bread)
A cigar
Fresh basil
A red apple

This ritual should begin on a tuesday or friday in the afternoon you will cleanse yourself with the candle, the cigar, the apple, basil and the bread before the image of the Santa Muerte begin with the candle then the cigar and follow consecutively with the rest of the materials start from your head working down to your feet when you finish, light the candle and pray the prayer which is listed at the end of this page do this with much faith and devotion.
Place the bread, the basil and the apple at the feet of the Santa Muerte light the cigar and surround the image with the scent leaving the cigar at the side of the Santa Muerte until it turns off if the glass of the candle cracks or the candle turns off, start from the beginning again on the third day,collect the basil, apple and the 3 bolillitos (bread) and leave them by a leafy tree.
Prayer for This Ritual

Santa Muerte, My lady,
mistress of darkness and coldness,
I come before you and implore your protection my lady,
protect me and take care of me with your cloak from my enemies,
the snares, the traps
and vengeance avoid all negative casualties my lady,
you who can see through the darkness,
take care of me,
my home and my family.
In the Name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit

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