Ritual for Loan Paid Back to You

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Ritual for Loan Paid Back to You

A powerful ritual with good results.

A prayer card of the Santa Muerte
A white candle dedicated to the Santa Muerte
Incense of the Santa Muerte
A glass of mineral water
Iman charm (rock)
Sharp point (thorn) of a cactus (maguey)

The book of Santa Muerte
9 nails
9 guava leaves (guayaba)

Using the thorn write the name of the person who owe’s you money on candle and turn the incense on pray the prayer at the end of this page and ask the Santa Muerte for your money to be returned back to you when you finish, write their name across on the prayer card along with the amount being owed to you, then place it under the candle finally, gather the leaves,the rock and the nails and put them inside the glass of mineral water place this glass next to the Santa Muerte candle allow the mineral water to consume to it’s entirety dispose the wax (paraffin) from the candle in the trash can and throw the mineral water on the doorstep of the person who owe’s you money do this as many times as necessary.

Prayer for This Ritual

Santa Muerte,  lady of darkness,
lady of destiny on this day
I come to you to ask and implore you
to hear my complaint against (name the person)
this person owes me money (name the amount)
my lady,
there is nothing impossible that you can’t do that
is why I ask you to make
(name of person) pay me my money
mother, if this wasn’t such a difficult situation,
I would not ask for your help
but you know that I’m in very desperate need
in you I trust that what was loaned will soon be returned to the proper hands
so that the traitors and liars
with those seductive tongues will not be left unpunished
lady of darkness,
that your scythe fall implacable over all liars
because you have the power of life and death,
make (name the person) have no rest,
no spirit until my money has been paid to me
so let it be.

Pray 3 Our Fathers

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