Ritual to Get Rid of a Lover

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Ritual to Get Rid of a Lover

With this ritual you will be rid of the person who interferes in your relationship with your partner and you so they will never return.

A black statue of the Santa Muerte
9 needles
9 black candles (made of fat)
Powdered sulfur
1 tbs chile piquin
1 tbs black pepper

Using a needle, write name of your husband or wife’s lover on the candle, powder it with the sulfur, chile and pepper get a clay plate and light the first candle in front of the Santa Muerte and pray with all your heart asking for this separation when you are finished praying stick the needle you used to write the name through the candle and let it burn down this ritual will be done for 9 days, using the rest of the candles the same way
the prayer you pray should come straight from your heart.

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