Ritual to Separate a Couple

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Ritual to Separate a Couple

There are times that we do not approve of our children’s relationships

And sometimes it is not convenient to say or do anything we wish for these relationships to dissolve and that is when this ritual can be used, whenever you feel it is the best road to take.

A black candle made of chile
A cactus (maguey) thorn (sharp point)
A package of black pepper
A piece of parchment paper
A small reel of black thread
Three small branches of wormwood

using the thorn write only the name of your daughter or son’s boyfriend or girlfriend on the black candle, light it and pray whatever comes from your heart when you finish praying, write the names of your daughter or son’s and their boyfriend or girlfriend strip the leaves and place them on the names along with the black pepper fold the paper until it forms a small packet and tie it with the black thread when you finish this ritual, imagine your daughter or son completely without that person place this packet on a clay plate next to the black candle and when it burns down, throw the packet in a dried tree this ritual is preferably done on a tuesday at midnight.
The prayer which you will pray after this ritual should come from deep down in your heart

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