Ritual to Cleanse Your Money

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Ritual to Cleanse Your Money

If you want your money to last or if you feel you have bad luck, try this ritual

3 purple candles
White quartz
A little holy water
A bottle of mineral water
A tbs vanilla (liquid)
Pinch of powdered soap

Properly mix the mineral water, holy water, vanilla, the quartz and powdered soap in a crystal or clay bowl let it set the entire night and on the following morning, gather all your bills and coins and wash them in the bowl when you feel your money has been washed, dry with a white cloth and place it on a clay plate forming a triangle with the 3 purple candles, light them and always do this from left to right pray the prayer below and make your petition which your money will grow and last we recommend you set this water on sunday and wash the money the first hour on monday you may repeat this ritual as many times you like.

Prayer for This Ritual

Immaculate lady,
powerful death who gives us life and strength
to obtain our intensions allow my business
I have or am about to start begin succeed
give me tranquility and security,
allow it to prosper with abundance
and always carry your blessings
allow for the money to bring me satisfaction
and multiply it until I benefit from it
and assure my petitions
and my marriage with devotion I ask you
and thank you infinitely

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