Ritual to Increase Sales in Your Business

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Ritual to Increase Sales in Your Business

When your sales have gone down with your business or your suffering losses, do this ritual and your sales will increase

A purple or bone colored statue of the Santa Muerte
A purple candle in form of a pyramid
A new needle

A kilogram of toasted cornmeal
3 tbs of powdered cinnamon
3 tbs of brown sugar

Using the needle, write the name of your business along with the person who manages it on the candle light the candle and place it next to the statue of the Santa Muerte (purple or bone) pray the prayer below and make your petition when you finish, mix the sugar, cinnamon and cornmeal in a clay plate and place it next to the candle and the image of the Santa Muerte when the candle has melted sprinkle the powdered at the entrance of your business we recommend that this ritual be done on the first hour on mondays and always inside the business.

Prayer for This Ritual

Most powerful immaculate Santa Muerte
who gives us life and strength
to fulfill our petitions,
allow for my business that I have or am going to start
give me tranquility and security,
allow for it to prosper
and always be accompanied with your blessings,
allow that the money this business makes will multiply
and give me satisfaction until it benefits me
and assures my petitions and my marriage with devotion
I ask and appreciate this infinitely.

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