Ritual to Break a Marriage

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Ritual to Break a Marriage

This ritual should only be done when we have powerful reason why we should break this marriage

A black statue of the Santa Muerte
Snake oil
Cactus (maguey) thorn (sharp point)
A set of black bride and groom candles
1 tbs dried prodigious

Using the cactus thorn write the names of the couple and wishing them to separate on the paraffin waxed candles oil the candles with the snake oil completely covering them, powdering them with the dried prodigious and light them after setting them on a clay plate or bowl set this by the black image of the Santa Muerte and pray the prayer below, mention the name of the person you have interest in when the candles have burned down, disposed them in the trash can this ritual should be done as many times as needed.

Prayer for This Ritual

Jesus Christ the conqueror who was conquered on the cross,
conquer (say the name) that he is overcome by me in the name of God,
you are a ferocious animal,
you will come back to me as a tame sheep,
mild as the rosemary flower,
you have to come to me you ate bread and gave me bread,
I want you to bring (mention the name)
with the most powerful word you told me,
I want him to come at my feet humiliated
and repented and never leave my side
and he will return to me as promised
Santa Muerte I earnestly implore you,
that as God made you immortal
and the powerful owner and queen of darkness
unknown hereafter which we will enter the celestial sphere
where we will rejoice days without darkness all eternity
In the Name of the Father,
Son and the Holy Spirit,
I implore and plead with you to be my protector
and fulfill all my favors
I ask of you until the end of day,
hour and moment that your divine majesty orders
to take me before your presence

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