Ritual to Get Rid of Bad Acquaintances

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Ritual to Get Rid of Bad Acquaintances

When there is someone you know that for whatever motive is not suitable to keep company and you have tried to dissolve the relationship, this ritual would be most convenient for you to do.

A black statue of the Santa Muerte
A black candle of the Santa Muerte
Gallon of holy water
3 pinches of black pepper

Mix the black pepper with holy water and let it set for 3 days next to the black image of the Santa Muerte on the 4th day, remove the holy water and light the black candle, pray the prayer of scythe protector that is listed below and make your petition now that the water has consecrated with the presence of the Santa Muerte, spread it at the doorstep of your home, that way you will form a barrier that will keep all bad intensions and people who will surround your home.

Prayer of the Scythe Protector

White lady, black lady,
I come before you,
I’m at your feet asking you,
imploring that you make your force,
power and your omnipresence against those who intend to destroy me lady,
I ask you to be my shield and protector against the bad and all the evil,
that your scythe protector cut all obstacles that interfere
open the doors that have closed on me
and show me the way my lady,
there is nothing bad that you can not find impossible to do
and not to double against your power
I give myself to her and await your kindness

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