Ritual to Resolve Legal Problems

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Ritual to Resolve Legal Problems

When you have legal problems from the past and you can not resolve them,we recommend this ritual of the scale of justice

A blue statue of the Santa Muerte
A white candle of the Santa Muerte
A scale
Grease from (corojo
A piece of parchment paper (white)
Scotch tape
A new needle

Using the needle write the number of the investigator or judge where your problem exists, light the candle and place it next to the Santa Muerte pray the prayer below and ask for this problem to be resolved in your favor on the parchment paper write the name or number of the investigator or judge
where your case takes place and place a little of the grease on the paper in form of a cross fold it in 3 parts and using the scotch tape, tape it on the middle of the scale and hang it on the Santa Muerte’s hands the candle should be lit for 9 consecutive days pray daily and make your petition when you finish this novena, do not remove the paper from the scale until your problem has resolved the best day to do this ritual is on a monday morning.

Prayer for This Ritual

Blessed Santa Muerte,
protector of the desperate
and the weak mother of eternal justice
and owner of wisdom,
you who can see the bad and the good in our hearts,
to you my lady do I come to implore justice to you Santa Muerte,
I oblige your impartiality of your scale my lady,
look into my heart,
hear me imploring for my necessities,
make your divine hand guide the decision of judges and jailers
great lady be implacable with the wicked who repeat offenses,
justice with the innocent
and be kind to those who repent with all their heart and soul oh white child,
hear my petition and protect me from the wickedness and the indolence on this day
I oblige your favor so that my case may be subjected to your measures
and obtain absolute pardon from the judges,
in time you will judge me
and take the words that I now pledge as my punishment or my acquittal

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