Praise of the Nina Blanca

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Praise of  the Nina Blanca

Praise of  the Nina Blanca


Offer 1 white candle


Nina Blanca, you are great and I praise thee,I  open my heart to you. For you are my hope…you raise my spirits…you bring me keep me safe


Nina Blanca, you protect me, and love me, and I know that you watch over,bless and protect my home and my love ones in a way that honors my relationship with you 


Nina Blanca,as the day starts,your faithful pray to you with all their heart and devotion,and as we start back at school, as we go to work, raise our families, as we simply go about our lives, there are so many things that distract, so many worries and fears, so much pain and suffering. Grant us and those around us peace that surpasses all understanding, hope that in all things you work for good, and courage to be loyal  and love to each no matter what. 


Nina Blanca,we love you so much,me and my love ones are so thankful for everything we have, and especially for your love. May that guide everything we do.



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