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The Secret of The Holy Death. To carry out an effective task. (El secreto de la Santa Muerte, para que un deseo se te cumpla)


You will need a portrait or a piece of clothing that belonged, for a perdiod of time, to the missing person or whoever is being captivated.

If it be a portrait, on the back of it this is to be written;

  • The name of the person interested with the last name of the missing

  • The name of the missing person with the last name of the intersted (this is referred to as binding)

If there is no portrait, with a piece of cloth, shirt, dress, hand-kerchief or whatever other type of clothing, you are to make a doll. Buy one or two meters of thin white ribbon lace and the names are to be sown into the doll the same way as above (bind).

Take the portrait with its frame and an imprint of the Holy Death, and fold them in a cross, until only four fingers of ribbon is left on the tip. Make a knot in the first night, praying the Holy Death's prayer. The portrait is to be knotted the same way as the doll, making a not each night for nine nights.

Should you get an undesirable result, you may suspend activity for one night and on the next one initiate once again this night. The before said is to be performed by yourself in a room, without forgetting that this petition is to be made with faith and patience until the third Novena is done. Spirit of the person is beight found while the body is asleep. This is to be peformed only once, though you may perform more Novenas.




The bingings are tasks that have a purpose to attract, by means of intercession, a beloved being. Typically a portrait of a piece of clothing is used. When a portrait is used the names of those involved are to be written on the back of the portrait. If it is a piece of clothing then a doll has to be made and sown with a thin white lace that had the names of those involved previously written. Afterwards you are to tie whichever you chose to an imprint of the Holy Death. The white lace is used to bind the imprint and the talisman. Every night for nine nights a knot is to be made on the ribbon. The prayer is to be prayed in the high hours of the night, because the targeted person is far away asleep. Never forteg; forcing events to happn makes them fragile. Lots of times they cause reactions that tend to balance out the events as the cosmic order dictates, the flow of The Grand Plan.

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