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The Manda of Candles

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fe, fireproof surface. Place an incense burner next to her with a charoal for burning incense and have some white copal incense ready. Surround the statue and incense burner in a circle of twelve 6 inch taper candles, 4 white, 4 red, and 4 black, in an alternating sequence. Light the charcoal, place the copal on it, and light the candles. Say the opening prayers, and give your thanks to Santisima. Tell her how wonderful she is and that this manda is the payment for her work. Say the closing prayers and let the candles burn all the way down. Once it's done, replace the statue on her altar, and put any left-over wax in a small brown paper bag, along with 7 dimes, and take it to the cemetery.

The photo I've attached is an example of the manda, done by Hechicero Nick.

-Steven Bragg

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