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The Amparo

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La Santisima Muerte is one of the more recent manifestations of Death, and unlike other spiritual beings who may be from the Underworld, over the spirits of the dead, or guardians of the cemetery, Santisima brings with her an almost overwhelming energy that those who work with her frequently must be protected from. There is a traditional safeguard for this called the Amparo. The most common type of amparo calls upon St. Michael the Archangel, although a person could call on another saint that has military and protective characteristics, such as St. George or St. James. 
To make an amparo with St. Michael, get two St. Michael prayer cards and place them back to back. Seal up the sides and bottom with tape, glue, or by sewing them, thereby making a small packet. Then go in front of a St. Michael image or statue and pray. Say 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, 1 Glory Be, and say the St. Michael prayer. Ask St. Michael to be your protection as you work with La Santisima Muerte. Write your name on a small piece of brown paper and place this inside the prayer card packet. Then place some hair from your head and some nail clippings inside. Drop a few drops of Holy Water inside and blow some cigar smoke into the packet. Seal up the top of the packet, closing it off completely, and baptize it in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit using Holy Water. Then place it between your hands and pray the St. Michael prayer over it. Offer St. Michael some cigar smoke and a strong spirit, such as rum or tequila. Close with 1 Our Father.
Keep this amparo under St. Michael's image or statue so he continues to protect you. Keep it hidden so no one else sees it. Every now and again bring it out and say the prayers again while holding it between your hands.

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