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The Three Robes

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La Santisima Muerte La Blanca, the Most Holy Death of the White Robe,

La Blanca is the eldest and most pure of the three robes. It is said within the Catholic culture of Mexico that she sits at the right hand of God. This signifies that she is the second most powerful force in the world, for whatever God creates, Santisima can take away. La Blanca is concerned with the Natural order of things. Birth, Life, Death. Anything that interferes with this is something for which La Blanca may be petitioned. Disease can threaten or shorten a life, and so she can be called upon for healing. Witchcraft, hexes, and other sorcerous workings are the desires of people being forced upon others, causing the victims' lives to go in ways they otherwise wouldn't. Therefore, she can be called upon for cleansing and breaking curses.

Her force is of a highly elevated nature, so if there are any dealings with La Negra, La Blanca and her elevated status must be respected by covering her statue with a white cloth. This is both respectful and practical for the worker, as it also shields her eyes from witnessing the workings that are not aligned with her nature. And because she sits at God's right hand, her statue must always be to the right of La Negra's, so the natural flow from the Divine is maintained.

La Blanca is the peaceful death of old age, a life completely lived, full of experience and wisdom.

"Santisima Muerte, La Blanca, Most Holy Death of the White Robe, eldest of the Three, you who sit at the right hand of God, hear my prayer. Glorious Huesuda, you who grant the peaceful death of old age and heal the sick, through the great power, which God has given you, I ask you to remove all sickness from my life. Niña Blanca, with your holy scales, bring balance to my body, mind, and soul and protect me from all illness. Santisima Muerte La Blanca, Holiest of Archangels, cover me with your pure robe, I pray. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

La Santisima Muerte La Roja, the Most Holy Death of the Red Robe,

La Roja is a widely misunderstood robe of the Santisima Muerte. Most believe she is only for love, because it's generally thought that the color for love is red. That may be the case in many spiritual systems, however the reason Santisima dons the red robe in the tri-colored systems is because it's the color of blood, the living. La Roja deals with everything to do with worldly matters, and everyone in the living world has blood flowing through our veins. Therefore, sex, love, money, jobs, business, justice, government, the home, all of the things we deal with on a daily basis, fall within the domain of La Roja.

La Roja is the first of the robes to make a more public appearance, dealing more with bringing back straying lovers. She does this not just because she's an expert on love magic, but because most of the time it's to re-unite the family for the sake of the home and children. She's a firm believer in staying true to your commitments and taking responsibility for your actions, which is why the scales is a major symbol for this robe. She will weigh your request against your own history, and decide if it's deserving according to the rules you, yourself, abide by and expect others to abide by, as well. She sees all that goes on in the world, so don't try to deceive her. She is the most accurate and final judge.

La Santisima Muerte La Negra, the Most Holy Death of the Black Robe,

La Negra is the hottest and most dangerous robe of the traditional three-robed system of working with Santisima Muerte. She is the Death of sorcerous murder, suicide, pestilence, and deaths that result from diseases of the mind. It is only when donning the black robe will Santisima venture into the depths of Hell to round up demons, along with her usual retinue of tortured and bloodthirsty souls, to do her bidding. Her children include diseases and plagues, and she can infect a person or increase those who are already infected.

Most go to her for a wide variety of protections, but she is a most skilled sorceress, equally capable of inflicting harm as well as shielding her children from it. Mount her statue in a certain way and she becomes the Queen of the Witches. She is the least concerned with the human notion of ethics and morality, and more concerned with the well-being of those who serve her correctly. However, to work with her safely, the devotee must be taught how to avoid the effects of her corrosive presence.

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