Money Prayer

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Money Prayer


Blessed Nina Blanca,

Tonight,I come before you,and on my knees

I admit that I've made many mistakes.I have many faults and weakness

I am my worst enemy,and now I have an abundance of debt, and I do not know how I am going to overcome it without help from you

Please,Nina Blanca,

I'm asking you to help m,look down upon me with mercy

Please ask Christ the Grand Redeemer,to please bless me with a financial miracle so that I can breathe again

Please Nina Blanca,

I humbly beg of thee to forgive me,intercede for me   before God

Please ask Christ the Grand Redeemer,to watch over,bless and protect me

Please Nina Blanca,

I beg of thee to guide me to making good decisions through my journey in life

Please Nina Blanca.

I am asking for a miracle financially,[ say your financial need] which I quickly need

My problems with money are never-ending

Nina Blanca,only you know that If it's not one thing, then it is another problem

Tonight,I plead to thee, Please, assist me and then assist all of my love ones who are struggling financially with too much debt and an abundance of bills to pay.

Please Nina Blanca

I pray that you open every closed door and open every door to full honest employment

Please Nina Blanca,

I pray to thee,to  help us as soon as you can, with an abundance of money and good luck


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